Don’t Call it a Comeback

Well I wouldn’t necessarily call it a comeback because I don’t think P.A. Trife Life was ever really a blog that the masses would come visit on a consistent bases. However, I would call it more or less giving it another try… I’ll compare the P.A. Trife Life return to Jereme Rogers return; left the game early, was never really missed, then felt the need to return, thus just embarrassing himself but entertaining others with his pure foolishness. Hopefully we don’t fail as miserably as Mr. Rogers but I can’t promise anything.

I realize everyone probably goes on (the web based library of all recent skate clips on the internet) now a days, So I will try and hold back from posting a massive amount of online content that you see everywhere the second it drops. The purpose of this blog is not to be like The SteveBerrics or Hellaclips but to post footage that I and other locals have filmed while providing news from around the Philadelphia and suburban area. On that note ill stop talking… Above is an edit I made of Mike Moll from Wawa Park last week. Fairman’s needs to kick some people off the team who aren’t producing or even skateboarding anymore and put Mike on asap!

Here are some throwaway clips from Saturday, which consisted of Ambler Park, Corey eating shit twice, broken windows, driving far only to kicked out of the worst rails ever, Neil killing it, and saying goodbye to Edward and Julian because they leave for California tomorrow.

Some raw clips I filmed of Slap’s None in a Million winner Matt Militano. On that note, go check out this interview Chris Nieratko did with the judges, skaters, and producers of OIAM.

Finally, check out this Wawa Park montage Jake Todd made featuring all the homies. It is a mandatory watch because it’s edited to an amazing soundtrack. (Disregard Angel looking like a convict in the first clip, he was more focused on making a music video for the Meek song then actually skateboarding.)


A-Par at Wawa Park

Check out this short edit I made of Parisi skating Wawa Park the other day.

Look Forward to the Past Montage

Sorry I never update anymore, hopefully this montage makes up for it…

Thrilla Montage!

Angel had some guest artwork featured on a skateboard through Square Peg Skateshop/The Gallery…..Since the debut of the board Angel and myself have been working on a video to celebrate the whole project. I hope you enjoy it, You can purchase Angel’s board from! Check it out on as well!


Unique New York

Me, Mathis, and Dom went to New York this past weekend and metup with Brian Clarke who showed us around to some amazing spots. Although we didn’t film much it was by far one of the best times I’v had on my skateboard. Check out some warmup/ throwaway stuff of Mathis from the trip.

Mulhern once again came through with another amazing edit… This time it’s a 5Boro Holiday edit featuring some amazing people such as Brian Clarke, Jimmy McDonald, and Willy Akers. Enjoy!


If you haven’t seen the new Foundation video you should probably watch it! 

Weekend Stuff

Here is some warmup/throwaway stuff that I filmed over the weekend featuring Sean Doyle, Mark Suciu, Zach Panebianco, and Corey Huber.

Check out the Love Park section from Sabotage 2!